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ARC Blankets 15Ka Small and Large Item : ARCBLNKT-15KA-S

Arc Suppressionblanket15Ka Sm and Lg Oberon Arc Suppression Blanket - Rated to 15kA. Size in feet Small (4'x5'), Large (5'x 8'). Lightweight and non-combustible. Ideal for confined spaces such as underground vaults. Deflects the thermal energy of an arc blast occurring beyond the primary work area when anchored properly. Not for insulation from shock.
Product Features
MSDS os WHMIS required?: No Harmonization Code: 630619 Unit of Measure (UM1): EA (UM1) pounds: 7 Lbs. Quantity per UOM: 1 Shipping Dimensions: 0 Lead Time: 15 Days Made In: USA

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