FR Balaclava Sock Hood

Inherently Flame Resistant Balaclava- 13cal/cm2-Navy Blue-One size fits most. Oberon Inherently Flame Resistant Balaclava-13cal ATPV. When worn with an Arc Faceshield with a minimum arc rating of 8, the sockhood and the facehshield provide all around head protection and together they meet NFPA 70E Hazard/Risk Cat 2* (HRC2*)
Product Features
MSDS os WHMIS required?: No
Harmonization Code: 0
Unit of Measure (UM1): EA
(UM1) pounds: 1 Lbs.
Quantity per UOM: 1
Shipping Dimensions: 0
Lead Time: 10 Days
Made In: USA

Additional information