Glove Rings® Accessory


Suit Up Faster With the Glove Rings® Accessory!
      "Suit Up" time is generally found to be one of the most time consuming activities in Hazmat services according to most profesionals in the field. A great way to save time is to use the Glove Rings® accessory!       The Glove Rings® accessory is made from a strong, flexible plastic that resists cracking and Micro Grip™ rings that enhance the traction and seal between the glove and sleeve. Using the Glove Rings® helps make a better, more consistent seal while also reducing the time it takes to suit up. The Glove Rings® are available in various sizes to meet different needs.
Glove Rings® Accessory
GR Part # Color Finish Size
OMS GR White Micro-Grip rings OD: 4.00"/4.60"   Length: 2.85"
OMS GR-CRM Cream Slick finish OD: 3.80"/4.43"   Length: 2.90"
OMS GR-NTL Natural Micro-Grip rings OD: 3.75"/4.25"   Length: 3.50"
OMS GR-SM Gray Micro-Grip rings OD: 3.24"/4.00"   Length: 3.30"

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